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FRED & WILMA GmbH - Transforming the future with our innovative solutions in Construction, Infrastructure, and Healthcare.


Where we come from

From a small joint venture in Upper Austria to a global leader providing cutting-edge solutions. Our journey, fueled by ambition and resilience, has led us to redefine standards of excellence.

Our Services

Specializing in project development to execution, we deliver excellence across diverse sectors. Let our international expertise empower your projects.- Construction
- Infrastructure
- Healthcare
- Consulting
- Software Development

Our Vision and Mission

Guided by a strong commitment to innovation, sustainability, and customer success, we envision a world transformed by our advanced solutions.


We've partnered with leading enterprises and governments, fostering growth and success in the sectors of Energy, Infrastructure, and Healthcare. Discover our successful projects.

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Welcome to the FRED & WILMA GmbH's Blog, where innovation meets excellence. Here, we share our thoughts, ideas, and experiences, and delve into the future of Construction, Infrastructure, and Healthcare. Stay tuned for industry news, expert insights, success stories, and a peek into our corporate life.

What our clients say

Dr. Ahmad M. Al-Rashid, CEO, Healthtrade

"As a healthcare professional leading a rapidly expanding firm in the Middle East, we've consistently found FRED & WILMA GmbH to be an indispensable partner. Their deep understanding of the complexities of healthcare infrastructure and unrelenting commitment to innovation set them apart in this competitive industry.From the inception of our collaboration, FRED & WILMA GmbH has demonstrated an exceptional capacity for integrating cutting-edge technology with the practical needs of healthcare service delivery. Their ability to adapt and respond to our evolving requirements has been instrumental in our recent growth and success.Their expert team has guided us through numerous challenges, offering solutions that are not only technologically superior but also deeply attuned to our specific operational needs. They have transformed our ability to provide high-quality healthcare services, positively impacting the lives of countless individuals.In an industry where excellence is the expectation, FRED & WILMA GmbH has consistently gone beyond. They are more than just a service provider; they are our trusted partners in healthcare advancement. Their slogan 'Edged to perfection' truly captures their approach to their work. We wholeheartedly recommend them to any organization seeking to elevate their infrastructure and software solutions."

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